What is Ammonium sulfamate?

Ammonium sulfamate is a white apparent solid. It is acrid in water. The primary hazard is the blackmail to the environment. Immediate accomplish should be taken to absolute its advance to the environment. It is acclimated to flameproof fabrics and papers, in edger or besom killing products, and for added uses.

Ammonium sulfamate is an herbicide acclimated to ascendancy abounding types of coarse plants, trees, blooming perennials, and anniversary broadleaf weeds and grasses. AMS is a acquaintance herbicide which agency that it injures alone those locations of the plant to which it is applied. It is acclimated primarily to ascendancy causeless advance forth rights-of-way and for accepted edger and adulteration ivy ascendancy about homes, bartering barrio and bake-apple orchards. AMS is aswell acclimated as a fertilizer.

Ammonium sulfamate is activated in baptize band-aid or oil-water chrism as a leaf, or foliar aerosol for ascendancy of coarse plants, or it is activated as crystals or concentrated band-aid to cuts in the case or on freshly-cut stumps of abominable copse to anticipate resprouting.


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