What is pethidine?

Pethidine is a painkilling drug, as able-bodied as an anti-spasmodic, which agency that it helps you to relax. It’s an analgesic that comes from the opium bulb (poppy), and is a constructed adaptation of morphine.

Painkilling drugs such as pethidine, diamorphine and beneath frequently, Meptid, should be accessible wherever you accord birth. This includes in labour wards, bearing centres or if you’re planning a home birth. Opiates such as pethidine are acclimated by about one in three women if they are in labour.

Your midwife can both appoint and accord injections of pethidine for affliction relief. She doesn’t accept to argue a doctor first. It can be accustomed in 50mg or 100mg doses, with echo doses afterwards amid one hour and three hours if it isn’t accepting an effect. Your midwife will accord you an bang into your thigh. Pethidine is generally accumulated with addition biologic to ascendancy affection (an anti-emetic) because pethidine generally causes sickness.

If you accept to accord bearing at home, you will charge to accept pethidine assigned by the GP. Collecting, autumn and administration of it cautiously will be your responsibility. Community midwives don’t backpack pethidine with them.