How to Take Nicotine?

Nicotine can be administered via several methods (excluding cigarettes, which are not recommended due to risks abundantly beyond benefits):

An inhaler, which lets you rapidly feel the furnishings of nicotine (and inherently carries added accident than added forms due to the acceleration at which it works)

Topical patches, which accept about a 1 hour adjournment amid appliance and assimilation and advance connected serum levels of nicotine but with beneath cerebral fasten (least accident potential, atomic nootropic potential)

Chewing gums, which are array of an average amid the two

There is currently bereft affirmation to advance an ‘optimal dose’ of nicotine for non-smoking individuals.

For non-smoking individuals, it would be advisable to chase analeptic acceptance guidelines and alpha with a low dosage and plan up. This includes affairs 2mg gums or acid a 24mg nicotine application into abode to start, again plan up to what is apparent as the minimum able dose. There is currently no accustomed ‘threshold’ for if accident becomes too abundant as it varies amid individuals.

If application nicotine as Nicotine Replacment Therapy (to barrier smoker cravings), again afterward the instructions on the artefact is sufficient. These instructions may be boundless for a non-smoking individual.