Methohexital Pharmacology & Indications


Methohexital binds to a audible website which is associated with Cl− ionophores at GABAA receptors. This increases the breadth of time which the Cl− ionopores are open, appropriately causing an inhibitory effect.

Metabolism of methohexital is primarily hepatic via demethylation and oxidation. Side-chain blaze is the primary agency of metabolism complex in the abortion of the drug’s biological activity.

Protein bounden is about 73% for methohexital.


Methohexital is primarily acclimated to abet anesthesia, and is about provided as a sodium alkali (i.e. methohexital sodium). It is alone acclimated in hospital or agnate settings, beneath austere supervision. It has been frequently acclimated to abet abysmal balance or accepted anesthesia for anaplasty and dental procedures. Unlike abounding added barbiturates, Methohexital in fact lowers the access threshold, a acreage that accomplish it decidedly advantageous if anesthesia is provided for a electroconvulsive analysis (ECT). And accelerated accretion amount with alertness getting acquired aural three to seven account afterwards consecration and abounding accretion aural 30 minuntes is a above advantage over added ECT barbiturates (Schulgasser and Borowitz 1963).