What is Passivation spherical magnesium powder?

Magnesium features:

Less consumption; bark time processing; fast reaction; little sinter; acceptable aftereffect of desulfuration etc.

It used for desulfuration and deoxidation in assembly of accomplished steel, bringing the sulfur aspect of accomplished animate to be beneath that 0.04%.As a dehydrant ,it is not dispensable to advance accomplished animate quality.exploition,In assembly of adaptable castiron,it can be a nodulizer in abode of average admixture amony iron-silicon-Mg.For oil it can resume or advance the acceleration of the burden conduct aperture and oil well.Passivated all-around Mg crumb is an able dehydrant and damaging abettor for actinic and war industry.Besides acclimated as a Mg admixture powder,It is aswell a affectionate of metallurgical materials.


Iron butt or artificial bag amalgamation

Carefully accumulate abroad from clammy /damp.Store in dry and ventilating place

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Passivation spherical magnesium powder