Avena sativa – white spot

Within the main determinants in the color of the skin epidermis melanin content of how many, in the body is produced by melanocytes, melanin within the melanocyte, tyrosine in tyrosinase, generated through a series of biochemical reactions under the catalysis of melanin. In the formation of melanin, the speed limit is a major enzyme tyrosinase, inhibit tyrosinase activity can inhibit the formation of melanin, at the same time, antioxidants can inhibit melanin biochemical reactions, thus can reduce the formation of melanin.
Avena sativa extract contains a large number of biological active ingredients, can inhibit tyrosinase activity, its inhibition and commonly used cosmetics whitening agent, arbutin, but Avena sativa extract cost is much lower than arbutin. Moreover, Avena sativa contains large amounts of antioxidants, which can effectively inhibit melanin formation in the process of REDOX reaction, reduce the formation of melanin, fade melanin, white and beautiful skin.

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