Triacontanol efficacy and application

Triacontanol (TRIA), a common constituent of plant waxes, was first shown in 1977 to be an active growth substance which at nanomolar concentrations increased the growth and yield of crops.

Triacontanol is a fatty alcohol of the general formula C30H62O, also known as melissyl alcohol or myricyl alcohol. It is found in plant cuticle waxes and in beeswax. Triacontanol is a growth stimulant for many plants, most notably roses, in which it rapidly increases the number of basal breaks. Triacontanol is a naturally occurring plant growth promoter which can act as a photosynthesis enhancer. Since light is a primary source of nutrition, the benefits of using triacontanol are obvious. It will also increase cell division rates leading to production of larger root and shoot mass. When sprayed on plants during growth periods, it activates secondary messengers leading to enhanced enzymatic activities in plants.

1. To promote seed germination, the germination rate and germination potential.

2. To promote plant cell division and elongation.

3. To promote the growth of roots, stems, leaves.

4. To promote germination differentiation, the increase in flower number.

5. Seed setting rate and grain weight.

6. Promote crop precocity, to improve the quality.

7. The promotion of plant tissue water absorption.

8. To promote the absorption of mineral elements.

9. Increase the chlorophyll content, increased photosynthesis intensity.

10. To increase energy storage, dry matter accumulation.

11. Improve the activity of some enzymes, to enhance the respiratory intensity.

12. To improve the cell permeability, and improve the resistance of crops.

Triacontanol has been widely used in plant growth regulator and high-grade feed.

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Herbal Extract


Description of Hematoxylin

CAS Number: 517-28-2

Molecular Weight: 302.27

Molecular Formula: C16H14O6

Appearance: Dark red

PhysicalState: Liquid

Solubility: Soluble in hot water. Slightly soluble in cold.

Storage: Store at room temperature

Application: A blue-violet nuclear counter stain specially developed for rapid immunohistochemical staining



Gill’s Formulation 2; a nuclear counter stain of blue-violet color, especially developed for immunohistochemistry and cytology, which is particularly useful in cytology when more rapid staining is required. No need for filtering, and surface or bottom precipitates will not form. Slides do not fade, and the lower hematein and aluminum concentrations eliminate the danger of overstaining. It will not stain glass or plastic containers; this quantity is suitable to stain up to 1000 slides.

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VK-T06 in ultra-thin fireproof coatings application

Fireproof coatings through to adding different amounts of VK-T06, test the fire performance and inorganic layer by XRD and EDS analysis, we can draw the following conclusions:
(A) in the ultra-thin fireproof coatings by adding an appropriate amount of titanium dioxide VK-T06 can significantly improve the combustion of carbonaceous coating layer strength, but it will add too much suppression fire retardant coating expansion;
(2) by adding at the fireproof coatings nano-titanium dioxide VK-T06 can promote the formation of titanium pyrophosphate, while allowing a more compact and uniform white inorganic layer, thereby improving the fire retardant coating time.

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What is Solid magnesium tertbutoxide?

Categories: Pharmaceutical intermediates

Product Name: Magnesium tertbutoxide(Tenofovir intermediate)

Introduction:It can replace import products and reagent product by unique and design, the shortest production craft line and the lowest consumption cost. This product gets better market future, and widely used in pharmaceutical production and owns better export future.

CAS No.:32149-57-8

Molecular formula:C8H18MgO2

Molecular weight:170.532

Physical and chemical performances: this product is flammable and easy to react with water

Hazardous grade: 11-14-34

Storage cautions: store in dry containers. Store in cool and low temperature storeroom and please keep away from fire and heat.

Packing requirements: 25kg steel plastic drum

What is Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate?

Molecular Formule: MgSO4·H2O


Molecular Weight: 138/246.47


CAS No.:14168-73-1/10034-99-8


Property: Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate is White or blah white crumb or diminutive solid acrid in baptize easily, absinthian taste. Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate is Colorless or white angled cavalcade clear no odor, absinthian taste, blossom calmly at dry air acrid in baptize easily, acrid agilely in ether, addle if heated.




Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate mainly use as augment additives, fertilizers, etc. It can mainly furnish magnesium if it is acclimated as augment additives; magnesium is of agreement of bone. It acts as alive every agitate in organism. As fertilizer acclimated in elastic rate, bake-apple tree, tobacco leaf, all kinds of beans, vegetables,potato, every affectionate of crop. Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate mainly acclimated as precessing hides, fertilizer, porcelain, match, explosive, press and dyeing, pharmacentical industry, etc.


Metallic powders

What is Passivation spherical magnesium powder?

Magnesium features:

Less consumption; bark time processing; fast reaction; little sinter; acceptable aftereffect of desulfuration etc.

It used for desulfuration and deoxidation in assembly of accomplished steel, bringing the sulfur aspect of accomplished animate to be beneath that 0.04%.As a dehydrant ,it is not dispensable to advance accomplished animate quality.exploition,In assembly of adaptable castiron,it can be a nodulizer in abode of average admixture amony iron-silicon-Mg.For oil it can resume or advance the acceleration of the burden conduct aperture and oil well.Passivated all-around Mg crumb is an able dehydrant and damaging abettor for actinic and war industry.Besides acclimated as a Mg admixture powder,It is aswell a affectionate of metallurgical materials.


Iron butt or artificial bag amalgamation

Carefully accumulate abroad from clammy /damp.Store in dry and ventilating place

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Passivation spherical magnesium powder