Lac Dye International Trade

The history of abounding bargain in sticklac derivatives commenced during the eighteenth aeon with the address of lac dye by India. Up to about the end of the nineteenth aeon the dye bargain was afloat and was still added important for India than exports of seedlac and shellac. However, the actualization of cheaper and aloft complete dyestuffs rapidly brittle address for lac dye. Since the astern 1940s, all-embracing bargain in seedlac and advance has below aswell from animosity by complete alternatives.

A accent bargain in lac dye exists today but accurate distance is difficult attributable to deficiencies in the accession of statistics by several abeyant exporters and importers. Only India acutely identifies lac dye in its address statistics and these accede an abnormal ceremony accumulated of shipments (0 to 15 tonnes annually over 1988-93) and of destinations.