Holly to treat acute and chronic bronchitis

Holly injection on acute bronchial inflammation has good control effect. Using anti-asthma, lung yu, lung hot points of injection (each 1 in 2 ~ 3 points, each point 0.5 ml, 10 times for a period of treatment). Also have certain curative effect on chronic bronchitis. According to the observation of 12 cases, after a period of treatment, all have different degrees of improvement. Useful Chinese ilex two with the leaf 1 and 2, made 90 ml solution, adult points take 3 times a day and stop coughing herbs at the same time, the treatment of 470 cases of acute or chronic bronchitis, and the results of symptoms and reduce 423 cases (90%) with Holly. One two each of the three foliage malan, thick Fried 90 ml of adult clothing, three times a day, a total of 39 cases in the treatment of acute or chronic bronchitis, most of the recovered or improved. In addition, the clinical observation to the Holly injection on chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and recurrent infections, bronchiectasis and pulmonary tuberculosis complicating acute bronchitis, etc., also has good control effect.