Stachyose in infants and young children

1. Stachyose can effectively prevent and alleviate the infant constipation and diarrhoea, restrain bowel disease

2. Stachyose can enhance the immune ability of the infant in the round, improve the disease resistance of the organism that infants and young children

Stachyose natural sources Stachyose is that a substance of nature, in we often eat vegetables, are found in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of disease. To the highest content of spirit, edible history is also the oldest.

In plant classification, spirit belonging to labiatae plants of the genus water su, and it also similar screw food, pagodas, lohan, etc., in the north, people will often they souse into pickles, food for the winter.

Ze LAN of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, also belong to the labiatae, but its taste is more bitter, is generally not as a vegetable, recorded on a pharmacopoeia: ze LAN with huoxue huayu, the therapeutic effect of water swelling. Ze LAN also contains rich stachyose, but as a result of extraction time, bitter substances are difficult to eliminate, and lower purity, composition is complex, usually used for extracting stachyose.

Huang Zhong extracted from Chinese medicine – the mother of rehmannia glutinosa oligosaccharide, its main composition is also stachyose, now there are many research institutions in research rehmannia pharmacological effects, often Sue sugar water directly instead of rehmannia glutinosa oligosaccharides for clinical trials, the biological activity with little difference.

All soy contains stachyose, such as soybean, soybean, mung bean, etc., but the content of stachyose is low, generally between 2% 2%, germination, stachyose will soon disappear, so eat bean sprouts and cannot be added stachyose.