Pyrethrins use

Natural pyrethrins slowly in addition to see light decomposition into water and CO, so with no residue and no side effects on human and animal preparation of pesticide or insecticide use, is internationally recognized as the most safe and pollution-free natural insecticide

As pyrethrins are six kinds of substances by extraction of pyrethrum in with insecticidal activity, therefore, good insecticidal effect, insect is not easy to produce drug resistance, can be used for pesticide manufacturing kill very resistant pests.

Pyrethrin with paralysis insect central nervous function, contact toxicity of insecticides therefore insecticidal speed, easy to be farmers to accept.

By formulating it into health spray can be used for family health insecticide, formulated pesticides can be widely used for insecticidal green vegetables, green fruit, green tea and other economic crops. Pyrethrin inhibitory neural tissue. It is insoluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents. On the higher animal toxicity,

Although the chrysanthemum easy to make and use cause dermatitis. Even special allergy. But in the commercial preparation can eliminate the effect in the process of. Toxic to aquatic organisms such as fish and bees. Higher insecticidal activity. The genus nerve agents, mainly from the contact toxicity.

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