Barbated Skullcup Herb modern medical

The goods contain glucoside alkaloids, flavonoids, steroids, and phenols, tannins, etc.It contained in these element, is a kind of flavonoids (2, 5 – dihydroxy – June – yellow ketone) three oxygen radicals and inhibition.Japanese scholars through the experiment on 800 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for antitumor activity in vitro screening when found to have 88 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on tumor cell proliferation inhibition rate of over 90%, of which these of JTc – 26 tumor cells in vitro inhibition rate was 100%, the inhibition rate is only 50% of normal cells.In looking at these Chinese medicine clinical antitumor efficacy, even being confronted with in treating advanced tumors, also had an improved symptoms, inhibition of tumor proliferation and prolong their life.

Experiments also confirmed that the methylene blue test tube method, half lotus type of acute myelocytic leukemia cells has mild inhibition;With cell breathing method, type of acute myelocytic leukemia cells and inhibition rate greater than 75%.. Also in these preparations on W256 U14. S186. EAC, ESC animal tumor has a certain inhibitory effect, in addition to the anticancer, bacteriostatic, diuresis, cough, the goods have to smooth wheezing (such as a variety of pharmacological effects.

In these applications in clinical treatment of cancer, these in the clinical treatment of cancer, application is very extensive, and spreading hedyotis herb, lobelia of compound compatibility for the treatment of a wide variety of tumor, clinical reports have a lot of.

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Barbated Skullcup Herb 


Holly to treat acute and chronic bronchitis

Holly injection on acute bronchial inflammation has good control effect. Using anti-asthma, lung yu, lung hot points of injection (each 1 in 2 ~ 3 points, each point 0.5 ml, 10 times for a period of treatment). Also have certain curative effect on chronic bronchitis. According to the observation of 12 cases, after a period of treatment, all have different degrees of improvement. Useful Chinese ilex two with the leaf 1 and 2, made 90 ml solution, adult points take 3 times a day and stop coughing herbs at the same time, the treatment of 470 cases of acute or chronic bronchitis, and the results of symptoms and reduce 423 cases (90%) with Holly. One two each of the three foliage malan, thick Fried 90 ml of adult clothing, three times a day, a total of 39 cases in the treatment of acute or chronic bronchitis, most of the recovered or improved. In addition, the clinical observation to the Holly injection on chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and recurrent infections, bronchiectasis and pulmonary tuberculosis complicating acute bronchitis, etc., also has good control effect.

Chloramphenicol Medical uses

The aboriginal adumbration of chloramphenicol was in the analysis of typhoid, but the now about accepted attendance of assorted drug-resistant Salmonella typhi has meant it is hardly acclimated for this adumbration except if the animal is accepted to be sensitive. Chloramphenicol may be acclimated as a second-line abettor in the analysis of tetracycline-resistant cholera.

Because of its accomplished blood-brain barrier assimilation (far above to any of the cephalosporins), chloramphenicol charcoal the aboriginal best analysis for staphylococcal academician abscesses. It is aswell advantageous in the analysis of academician abscesses due to alloyed bacilli or if the adroit animal is not known.

Chloramphenicol is alive adjoin the three capital bacterial causes of meningitis: Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae. In the West, chloramphenicol charcoal the biologic of best in the analysis of meningitis in patients with astringent penicillin or cephalosporin abhorrence and GPs are recommended to backpack intravenous chloramphenicol in their bag. In low assets countries, the WHO acclaim that adipose chloramphenicol be acclimated first-line to amusement meningitis.

Chloramphenicol has been acclimated in the U.S. in the antecedent empiric analysis of accouchement with agitation and a petechial rash, if the cogwheel analysis includes both Neisseria meningitidis septicaemia as able-bodied as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, awaiting the after-effects of analytic investigations.

Chloramphenicol is aswell able adjoin Enterococcus faecium, which has led to its getting advised for analysis of vancomycin-resistant enterococcus.

Although unpublished, contempo analysis suggests chloramphenicol could aswell be activated to frogs to anticipate their boundless abolition from fungal infections.Chloramphenicol has afresh been apparent to be a life-saving cure for chytridiomycosis in amphibians. Chytridiomycosis is a fungal disease, abhorrent for the afterlife of one-third of the 120 frog breed absent back 1980.