Benzophenone Uses

Benzophenone is used to anticipate ultraviolet ablaze from damaging scents and colors in articles such as perfumes and soaps.

This allows the architect to amalgamation the artefact in bright bottle or plastic. Without it, blurred or aphotic packaging would be used.

It can aswell be added to the artificial packaging as a UV blocker.

It is aswell sometimes used as a additive agent.

There are abounding variants of benzophenone in use. You may see numbers afterwards the name, as a autograph adumbration of which alternative is in use. The variations change appearance like the solubility, or how able-bodied it bonds with plastics use in packaging. For example, benzophenone-2 is used in alcohol-based products, while benzophenone-5 is used in water-based products. Benzophenone-6 is used in attach polish, and benzophenone-9 is used in ablution articles and derma affliction products.