Where to buy Sulfisomidine?

CAS No.: 515-64-0
Molecular Formula:C12H14N4O2S
Molecular weight:278.331
Appearance: White crystalline powder
Melting point:245°C
Flash Point: 244.5±31.5 °C
Description About Sulfisomidine CAS 515-64-0:
Sulfisomidine, aswell accepted as sulphasomidine, sulfamethin and sulfaisodimidine, is a sulfonamide antibacterial. It is carefully accompanying to sulfadimidine.
Sulfisomidine is a short-acting sulfonamide with backdrop agnate to those of sulfamethoxazole. It has been used topically for derma or vaginal infections and has aswell been accustomed orally.
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