What is Cilengitide?

Cilengitide is a atom advised and actinic at the Technical University Munich in accord with Merck KGaA in Darmstadt. It is based on the circadian peptide cyclo(-RGDfV-), which is careful for αv integrins, which are important in angiogenesis (forming new claret vessels), and added aspects of bump biology. Hence, it is beneath analysis for the analysis of glioblastoma, area it may act by inhibiting angiogenesis, and influencing bump aggression and proliferation.
The European Medicines Agency has accepted cilengitide drop biologic status.
Cilengitide seems to action by inhibiting the FAK/src/AKT alleyway and inducing apoptosis in endothelial cells. Preclinical studies in mice of cilengitide were able to authenticate active bump regression.
In a rat xenograft model, cilengitide was able to potentiate the cytotoxic furnishings of radiation if cilengitide was administered above-mentioned to radiation therapy. If accumulated with radiation, inhibition of integrin announcement by cilengitide synergistically improves the cytotoxic furnishings of ionizing radiation for glioblastoma.


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