What is Ethacrynic acid?

CAS: 58-54-8
Molecular Formula:C13H12Cl2O4
Molecular Weight: 303.14
Ethacrynic acid is a monosulfonamyl bend or top beam diuretic. Ethacrynic acid acts on the ascendance limb of the bend of Henle and on the adjacent and distal tubules. Urinary achievement is usually dosage abased and accompanying to the consequence of aqueous accumulation. Water and electrolyte elimination may be added several times over that empiric with thiazide diuretics, back ethacrynic acid inhibits reabsorption of a abundant greater admeasurement of filtered sodium than a lot of added diuretic agents. Therefore, ethacrynic acid is able in abounding patients who accept cogent degrees of renal insufficiency. Ethacrynic acid has little or no aftereffect on glomerular filtration or on renal blood flow, except afterward arresting reductions in blood aggregate if associated with accelerated diuresis.
Ethacrynic acid inhibits symport of sodium, potassium, and chloride primarily in the ascendance limb of Henle, but aswell in the adjacent and distal tubules. This pharmacological activity after-effects in elimination of these ions, added urinary output, and abridgement in extracellular fluid. Diuretics aswell lower blood burden initially by abbreviation blood and extracellular aqueous volume; cardiac achievement aswell decreases, answer its antihypertensive action. Eventually, cardiac achievement allotment to accustomed with an accompanying abatement in borderline resistance. Its approach of activity does not absorb carbonic anhydrase inhibition.


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