How does nifedipine work?

Nifedipine works by blocking calcium channels that are begin on the beef beef in the walls of the arteries. This activity causes the arteries to relax and widen.
Nifedipine relaxes the borderline arteries in the easily and feet, which improves the claret apportionment to the fingers and toes. This helps to abate the affection of Raynaud’s phenomenon.
By adequate and addition the baby arteries about the body, nifedipine reduces the attrition that the affection has to advance adjoin to pump the claret about the body. This reduces the burden aural the claret vessels, acceptation nifedipine can lower top claret pressure.
When there is beneath attrition in the arteries the affection doesn’t charge to plan as harder to pump claret about the body. Nifedipine aswell relaxes and widens the arteries that accumulation claret and oxygen to the affection beef itself. This allows nifedipine to anticipate the aching angina attacks that can action if the affection doesn’t get abundant oxygen for the plan it is doing.


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