What is Methyl Phenylacetate?

CAS no.:101-41-7
Molecular Formula:C9H10O2
Molecular Weight:150.1745
Methyl phenylacetate is begin in amber and amber products. Methyl phenylacetate is a flavouring ingredient. Odoriferous basic of many plants. Methyl phenylacetate is present in cocoa, coffee and birthmark Methyl phenylacetate is an amoebic admixture that is the ester formed from booze and phenylacetic acid. It is a bright achromatic aqueous that is alone hardly acrid in water, but actual acrid in a lot of amoebic solvents. Methyl phenylacetate belongs to the ancestors of Phenylacetic Acid Derivatives. These are compounds absolute a phenylacetic acid moiety, which consists of a phenyl accumulation commissioned at the additional position by an acerb acid.


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