Foscarnet Sodium Description

Foscarnet Sodium is able to access into beef and arrest viral archetype by inhibiting viral DNA synthesis. Foscarnet Sodium (300 μM) displays a added than 95% inhibition on HTLV-III about-face transcriptase action in H9 beef adulterated with HTLV-III.
Foscarnet Sodium has a low cellular toxicity, but shows an inhibition of corpuscle admeasurement at top concentrations, which is antipodal afterwards biologic removal. Incubation 0.5-1 mM Foscarnet Sodium with HeLa beef or primary animal lung fibroblast for 24-48 hr inhibited 50% DNA amalgam and/or corpuscle proliferation.
Foscarnet Sodium is able to bind with the heparin-binding area of FGF2 and inhibits FGF2 induced corpuscle proliferation. Foscarnet Sodium (25 μM) alleviative HUVEC beef for 48 hr bargain FGF2-induced cellular admeasurement by 20%. Foscarnet Sodium (0.5-1 mM) bargain the 24h admeasurement amount of CAL-62 cell, a Animal thyroid anaplastic blight corpuscle band which expresses FGF2, to about 80%.


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