What is Halofuginone?

Halofuginone is a low atomic weight quinazolinone alkaloid, and a almighty inhibitor of collagen alpha1(I) and cast metalloproteinase 2 (MMP-2) gene expression. Halofuginone aswell finer suppresses bump progression and alteration in mice.

Halofuginone is a halogenated acquired of febrifugine, a accustomed quinazolinone-containing admixture begin in the Chinese assemble D. febrifuga. It has antimalarial and anticoccidial actions.1 In mammals, halofuginone at 10 ng/ml down-regulates Smad3, blocking TGF-β signaling and preventing both the adverse of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts and the transitioning of epithelial beef to mesenchymal cells. Through this action, halofuginone blocks fibrosis and bump progression in a array of altered models.This admixture aswell competitively inhibits prolyl-tRNA synthetase (Ki = 18.3 nM), activating the amino acerbic starvation response. This prevents the adverse of TH17 cells, abatement an autoimmune response.


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