How to apply dithranol?

Before you alpha this treatment, apprehend the manufacturer’s printed advice advertisement from central your pack. The advertisement will accord you added advice about applying dithranol and a abounding account of the side-effects which you may acquaintance from application it.

There are several strengths of dithranol preparations. The aim is to acquisition the backbone which gives you the a lot of benefit, but which doesn’t advance to irritation/burning. Alpha by applying a low-strength alertness (such as 0.1% dithranol) for a week, and again access the backbone gradually over the next few weeks until you acquisition the backbone that apparel you best. Again abide to use this strength. It should be accessible to bright the patches aural about 4-6 weeks of treatment.

Apply a attenuate band of dithranol and rub it into your derma gently. Administer it to the afflicted areas of your derma alone – it is important that you try to abstain accepting it on any advantageous areas of your skin. Use it already a day alone – you can accept a time of day that apparel you best.

It is accepted to use dithranol for a ‘short contact’ time. This agency abrogation it on your derma for no added than an hour, and again abrasion it off in a battery or bath. Added accelerated analysis with dithranol involves abrogation it on brief beneath a dressing. This is usually alone done beneath the administration of a specialist derma doctor or nurse.

Remember to ablution your easily able-bodied afterwards applying dithranol. This will advice to anticipate it accidentally accepting on advantageous areas of your skin. Some humans accept to administer it application gloves to assure their hands.

Dithranol is not acceptable for use on your face, or in the creases of your derma (flexures) such as your armpits, groin, or beneath breasts. Do not administer it to these areas.


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