What is Raffinose?

Raffinose is a trisaccharide composed of galactose, glucose, and fructose. It can be begin in beans, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, added vegetables, and accomplished grains. Raffinose can be anatomize to D-galactose and sucrose by the agitator α-galactosidase (α-GAL), an agitator not begin in the animal digestive tract. α-GAL aswell hydrolyzes added α-galactosides such as stachyose, verbascose, and galactinol, if present. The agitator does not carve β-linked galactose, as in lactose.

The raffinose ancestors of oligosaccharides (RFOs) are alpha-galactosyl derivatives of sucrose, and the a lot of accepted are the trisaccharide raffinose, the tetrasaccharide stachyose, and the pentasaccharide verbascose. RFOs are about all-over in the bulb kingdom, getting begin in a ample array of seeds from abounding altered families, and they rank additional alone to sucrose in affluence as acrid carbohydrates.

Humans and added monogastric animals (pigs and poultry) do not acquire the α-GAL agitator to breach down RFOs and these oligosaccharides canyon undigested through the abdomen and high intestine. In the lower intestine, they are brewed by gas-producing bacilli that do acquire the α-GAL agitator and accomplish carbon dioxide, methane or hydrogen—leading to the flatulence frequently associated with bistro beans and added vegetables. α-GAL is present in digestive aids such as the artefact Beano.

Procedures apropos cryopreservation accept acclimated raffinose to accommodate hypertonicity for corpuscle aridity above-mentioned to freezing.Either raffinose or sucrose is acclimated as a abject actuality for sucralose.


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