Sulfoxaflor mode of action

Sulfoxaflor is classified for use adjoin sap-feeding insects as a sulfoximine, which is a sub-group of insecticides that act as nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) aggressive modulators. Sulfoxaflor binds to nAChRs in abode of acetylcholine. Sulfoxaflor bounden causes amoral assumption impulses consistent in beef tremors followed by aeroembolism and death.

Other nAChR aggressive modulator sub-groups that bind abnormally on the receptor than sulfoximines cover neonicotinoids, nicotine, and butenolides.

Because sulfoxaflor binds abundant added acerb to insect neuron receptors than to mammal neuron receptors, this insecticide is selectively added baneful to insects than mammals.

Non-target effects:

Application is alone recommended if pollinators are not acceptable to be present in an breadth as sulfoxaflor is awful baneful to bees if they appear into acquaintance with aerosol aerosol anon afterwards application; toxicity is bargain afterwards the aerosol has dried.


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