Pangamic acid(Vitamin B15) Chemistry

Pangamic acid(Vitamin B15) is the name accustomed to the actinic admixture with the empiric blueprint C10H19O8N and a atomic weight of 281 which appeared to be an ester acquired from d-gluconic acid and dimethylglycine. In 1943, the Krebses activated for a apparent for a action for extracting this actinic admixture which they appear had been ahead abandoned from apricot seeds, and accustomed the apparent in 1949. A 1951 cardboard by the Krebses appear the aboriginal abreast of this admixture application this patented process, but did not cover abundant advice to affirm that this admixture was in fact isolated. In 1955, the Krebses accustomed a apparent for addition synthesizing action for “N-substituted glycine esters of gluconic acid,” but the apparent independent no acknowledging abstracts to affirm the action was able to amalgamate compounds declared by the patent, including pangamic acid.

Subsequent attempts at synthesizing this ester by added advisers begin Krebs’ declared methods of bearing pangamic acid were not reproducible, and analysis into pangamic acid accept focused on compounds of assorted actinic compositions. A analysis acclaimed that of all the chemicals declared in analysis about pangamic acid, “[n]ot a individual artefact labeled “pangamate” or “B15″ has been accustomed in a scientifically absolute address to accommodate to the empiric formula” declared by the Krebses. Analysis of a sample of a admixture alleged “pangamic acid” which was provided by a accessory of the Krebses in the 1950s showed alone lactose aloft added appraisal by nuclear alluring resonance spectroscopy. Thus, “pangamic acid” is added a characterization acclimated to call one of any amount of actinic compounds rather than a accurate substance.

Chemical compounds awash as “pangamic acid” for alleviative purposes accept aswell had assorted actinic compositions, and suppliers of “pangamic acid” accept consistently afflicted the actinic agreement of the compounds awash beneath this label. One chestnut acclaimed that the FDA has bedeviled lots of calcium pangamate awash by General Nutrition Center (GNC), which agreed to stop affairs the admixture in those bottles afterwards the FDA filed clothing to stop sales. Afterwards, it was acclaimed that GNC was still affairs something in the aforementioned bottles with the aforementioned labels, acceptable a altered compound. Due to ambiguity in situations like this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers it “not an identifiable substance.”


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