Cetyl Alcohol History & Benefits

Cetyl alcohol is acclimated in about every derma and hair affliction product, and even some accouterments locations such as basics and bolts. It’s a blubbery alcohol acclimated to advice ascendancy the bendability of products. It’s acquired from plants and animals and is a non-ionic surfactant.


Cetyl alcohol is acclimated as a agglomeration abettor and an emulsifier, according to the Cosmetics Info website. It’s primarily begin in conditioners and lotions, but is aswell acclimated in added articles such as shampoos and cosmetics. It has backdrop that both allure and repel water, which is why it’s so broadly acclimated in derma and hair affliction products.


Since cetyl alcohol can allure and repel water, it’s generally acclimated in derma affliction articles to bathe dry, rough, scaly skin. Your derma becomes dry if baptize accident occurs; cetyl alcohol helps cull damp aback into your skin. Cetyl alcohol aswell helps assure your derma by careful it from irritation, such as wetness. This is the actual acumen why childhood adventurous medications use cetyl alcohol in their formulations, according to the website Health Square.


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