Irbesartan Description

Synonym:   Avapro; BMS-186295

CAS Number:      138402-11-6

Molecular Weight:     428.53

Molecular Formula:    C25H28N6O

Solubility:      Soluble in DMSO (>25 mg/ml), ethanol (~0.5 mg/ml), methanol, DMF (~20 mg/ml), and water (<1 mg/ml at 25 °C).

Melting Point:   180-186 °C

Boiling Point:   ~648.6 °C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)

Density:   ~1.3 g/cm3 (Predicted)

Application:     An angiotensin II type 1 (AII1)-receptor antagonist

Storage:   Store at -20° C


Irbesartan is a awful almighty and careful adversary of the AT1 (angiotensin II blazon 1) receptor with an IC50 = 1.3 nM. This admixture has no affection for AT2 receptors. Pretreatment with irbesartan decreases angiotensin II-induced apoptosis in rat vascular bland beef beef by blocking angiotensin II internalization in a concentration-dependent manner.


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